All Tex Staffing is always seeking quality candidates for our customers’ needs. While every company has a different hiring challenge, All Tex Staffing has a record of meeting every need. Whether you need a temporary hire for one day or many full time employees, we can deliver. We can even work as part of your human resources team to manage your staffing strategy.
Increase your workforce without adding to your overhead. With All Tex’s temporary staffing solutions, you will get the employees you need, when you need them, to fill in for short – or long term projects. At All Tex Staffing we are proud to be considered a partner to our clients and to be relied upon to deliver top quality candidates for even the most time sensitive, temporary staffing needs. Our extensive database allows our tenured recruiters to identify proven performers who can step in and make an immediate contribution to our clients’ growth and productivity goals.
Temp-to-Hire is an excellent solution for employers who need to fill a position, but aren’t sure yet how long that need will last for. For companies who prefer the “trial run” method of hiring, temp-to-hire is a great option, allowing for minimal paperwork and investment. All Tex provides temp-to-hire candidates for both full and part-time positions. The benefits of a Temp-to-Hire setup include a mix of reduced costs and decreased risks.
Our Direct hire staffing executives match qualified job applicants with specific job description and needs. You can skip the hours of sifting through numerous websites and resumes – many which will be unqualified – and focus on interviewing several qualified job candidates. Having All Tex handle the selection of candidates provides numerous benefits over the process of hiring employees yourself. All Tex is able to reduce or eliminate your time spent searching for candidates, reduce administrative time and costs, and help fill positions quicker.
When you outsource your workforce management program through All Tex, a dedicated team works from within your facility to remain fully immersed in your work environment. The onsite team’s sole focus is aligning staffing needs and performance with your business objective to provide maximum ROI from your contingent workforce. The result is a solution built from the inside out and delivers tangible results. Outsourced workforce management allows your team to focus on essential work that helps them achieve business goals while our on-site staffing team focuses on optimizing your contingent workforce performance.
Concentrate on your core business! Outsource payroll and reduce associated costs and burdens. We will take care of payroll administration and tax reporting as well as handle all issues related to workers’ compensation, state unemployment, state and federal taxes, insurance deductions and W-2. It’s that simple!